The Alien Within

by Claus Jahn



this file contains a Sci-Fi related track, telling another story of the Alien Universe. It contains only self-composed parts, NO music from the movie! :-)


released April 27, 2018
Hmmm. Rumble, thunders, strange noises everywhere. Walking towards the big crashed starship on LV 426 planet, with dark and windy atmosphere,
we try to find a way to go inside it. There it is: An open freighter deck invites us for a nice visit!
Inside, along long corridors with strange rounded walls, we found a forgotten big hall inside. Must have been used by a high-
intelligent race. But none of them seems to be here anymore.....

After walking around we detect a side corridor with amorph structures, hardly to imagine what this is. Going closer towards it,
we see that lot of colonists were melted with the walls, only the faces and one or both legs coming outside the wall. Most of
them seem to be dead, but after a while checking what happened to them, some of them are still alive! Oh dear! They are feeling
sick and cannot move themselves except the eyes, mouth and seem to be paralyzed. Two of them have more of their bodies outside the wall,
and one arm could been used by each of them. We hold their hands, but the survived citizens cannot be extracted from the walls.
The two citizens that were waken up now, become more and more sick and start to shout and cry very loud. Their voice sounds through
the deep corridors of that dark and dusty interior of that space ship. We start to feel very anxious now.

Then, the cries and shouts become a bit inhuman now. And then - wham! Strange life-forms burst out from their bodies. The citizens
do not longer cry, they are very still and silent now. LET US GETTING OUT FROM HERE - one of my partners takes my arm and tries to
take me away from all that blood. The strange life-forms have a mouth with teeth inside, covered with the blood of the persons where
they came out from. They follow us...

After some anxious shouts the silence comes over us. No human cry or shout anymore. Only a cloud of dust moves softly over the
dark floor...


all rights reserved



Claus Jahn Germany

1969 born in Bad Hersfeld, working as a chemist and programmer.
After a private music production from 1984 to 1991, I returned back to the synthesizers in 2015.
My focus lays on interesting melodies, as well as chorals and chamber orchestration.
My first music collaboration was with the great music composer Wolfgang Gsell was the first highlight in my music production.
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